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Day excursion Grožnjan

Day excursion in Istria are very popular, especially hilltop towns in Istria hinterland. #Groznjan is among those cities, very vibrant during summer time with its live streets, galleries and artists on each corner. We visited #Groznjan in December and it was worth for it, with few persons on the street you can catch every small detail, explore each street, find a time to make a lots of picturesque photos, talk with locals and grab a cup of coffee with panorama view to #Mirna valley, #Motovun and #Ucka mountain. In #Groznjan you can easily find accommodation in apartment or some of holiday homes. Heading from #Groznjan to #Motovun following #Parenzana path route will give you full insight of way of living, with plenty olives and oak trees around the path. More information about Groznjan are here.

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