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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Evan & Mia

Season 2020 was one of best so far, #evoo has nice green color, a bit spicy, with a doze of seasonal fruits growing on Plantage.

Regional Institute of Agriculture and Tourism made chemical analysis of our #evoo blend Evan & Mai with following result, peroxid value 4,3 (max value for #evoo 20,00) and free fatty oleic acids 0,11 (max value for #evoo 0,80).

Main parameters in chemical analysis of olive oil are

Peroxide value, which determines the quantity of hyperoxides in olive oil. Hyperoxides are the main indicators of autoxidation in oil. Olive oil oxidation is an inevitable deterioration process which occurs due to various chemical processes in the oil. General rule of thumb is: the lower the peroxide value, the more durable the olive oil will be (under the condition that the oil is regularly transfused to get rid of residue).

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